Language Arts Vocabulary

Language Arts Vocabulary

Some of the most difficult words to learn, especially for those whom English is not their native language, are the non-standard words. Often teachers refer to these as the “exceptions”, because they don’t follow simple phonetic structure or they don’t follow generalized spelling rules. The English language is full of these type of words, and it is important to pay special attention to them in teaching language arts vocabulary. has several terrific game topics that cover these specialized words:

  • Homographs – words that are spelled the same but have different meanings
  • Heteronyms – words that are spelled the same but have different meanings and pronunciations
  • Contronyms– words that have double meanings which contradict one another
  • Palindromes – words that read the same backward or forward
  • Triple A, E, O, and I words – words that have three of the same vowel in them
  • Compound Words – words that are combined into one word, either with or without a hyphen
  • Italian Origin – words whose roots come from the Italian language
  • Q words – words using that difficult letter Q
  • Z words – words using that difficult letter Z

By integrating these difficult words into a game format, provides an opportunity for students in all grades and all levels of English study to have fun practicing and gaining mastery of their use. Teachers will appreciate how these and many other language arts topics are pre-designed and ready for classroom or home use. Feel free to check out these topics in the Word Search, Hang Mouse, Unscramble games on the site. Who knew language arts could be so enjoyable?

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