Online Games for Vocabulary and Spelling

Whether you are a teacher looking for online vocabulary activities, a non-native English speaker looking to build their language skills, or just a student looking for a fun way to increase your vocabulary, online word games are a great way to increase your command of English word meanings and spellings.  Let’s take a look at three terrific websites that are designed to build your word power and let you have fun doing it!


Spellingcity is an online spelling program that lets you create your own spelling lists, and then play games with those words.  It has several unique features including:

  • creating your own word list or using one of the thousands of lists already on the site
  • hearing the spelling words spoken in a real human voice
  • three modes of game play: Teach Me, Test Me, and Play a Game
  • searchable lists

Teachers love Spellingcity because it is customizable and easy to work with.  Students love Spellingcity because it is entertaining and engaging.  And everyone loves that Spellingcity is completely FREE TO USE!  So head over today to Spellingcity and have some fun with spelling!



Learning Games For Kids is a collection of online educational games designed to make learning fun.  There are math games, typing games, logic games, preschool games, and of course…word games.  The word games on the site are broken down into three categories: vocabulary games, spelling games, and alphabet games.  By offering a variety of different word games, Learning Games For Kids has something for all ages, and all reading levels.  Kids learning English as a second language will also benefit from playing the word games on the site.  If you are trying to find an educational website that you can safely recommend to any student, teacher, or homeschooler, Learning Games For Kids is a perfect choice.



You probably already know how much fun vocabulary can be if you have played some of the games from  With hundreds of topics to choose from, and multiple levels and choices of game play, this site should be your first stop when attempting to build vocabulary skills.  Each game on the site is crafted to be challenging, exciting, and appealing to kids and grownups alike.  Teachers love that the site is easy to integrate into the classroom, and that they can find words lists for almost any subject they are covering.  Whether preparing for standardized tests, building ESL vocabulary, or just playing around with words, is the perfect resource for practicing and growing your word power.

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