Clueless Crossword – – A Walkthrough

I don’t know about you, but for me, almost EVERY crossword is a clueless one!  But at, at least I know that up front!  This challenging word game tests your word guessing skills by simply filling in the blanks of the crossword with letters that you guess.

The opening screen of the game includes the main instructions, the Start button, and the link to the highest scores.


Clicking “Start” generates a random puzzle for solving.  A specific number of letters will be automatically filled in on each puzzle.  Other choices are greyed out, and are not options for that particular game. You are in charge of discovering the rest.



The timer starts immediately, so jump right in and click on a letter square within the game board.  All the spaces on the board that include that same letter will be highlighted, and then you may click on the blue letter choice that you believe will correspond with the highlighted spaces.  The letter will be filled in whether your choice is correct or not.  As you work through your choices, you may want to change an answer by clicking on the letter block again and then choosing a different letter. 


If you get stuck, and are not sure about a particular letter, you may click on “Hint” for help.  This will fill in one letter grouping with the correct letter, which may help you figure out other letters.

When you fill in all the mystery squares with the correct letter, you will have won the game.  You will then have the choice to play again or go back to the home page.


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