Digital Flashcards to Study English Vocabulary Now Available

VocabularySpellingCity has just added a digital and printable flashcards.

The flashcards are customizable:

  • choose what information you want to see about each word: definition, sentence, part of speech, synonym, antonym (any or all of the above)
  • choose how you want the information displayed: see the word first, see the information first, order the words alphabetically or randomly or as entered on the list

The flashcards are interactive:

  • click the card to see it flip over
  • click the sentence to hear the word spelled out and the sentence spoken

The flashcards are printable!:

  • select the printer button and choose from 5 possible sizes to print your Flashcards

If you don’t know about, you should it. It’s a fabulous resource for both learning English and building advanced English skills. They have a vocabulary of over 40,000 words that are spoken aloud by a native English speaker.  Below are some other key resources from VocabularySpellingCity.


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