A Synonym Situation

Synonyms are learned in every grade level. As students move up in their grade level, the synonyms become more challenging. The reason for this is because learning synonyms means consistently increasing vocabulary knowledge. In kindergarten, students are learning that big is a synonym of large. While in high school, students are introduced to words like vacuous, which is a synonym of empty.

I have always felt that practice makes perfect. Therefore, I try to practice as much a possible when it comes to synonyms. If you’d like to practice too, there are some wonderful ways to keep learning about synonyms. Try using online synonym games. Most of these games are not only educational, but they are also fun.

One great online synonym game is Basal Reader Word Synonym Match. This challenging intermediate game has flash cards with synonyms. There are other great synonym games in the synonyms section of Vocabulary.co.il, which span all different grade levels. So try them out and as you practice, you’ll get closer and closer to perfection!

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