3 Easy Ways to Read Faster

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3 Easy Ways to Read Faster

Before you learn to speed read, there are a few things you will have to unlearn first. These are the bad reading habits of childhood and your young adult hood that actually slow you down a great deal. Perhaps you actually love to read, but have serious problems getting any reading done because your reading speed is so slow.

Or perhaps you have to go through a lot of files and reports every day, and have problems dealing with all that intimidating paperwork. In either case, a speed reading course will help you a great deal – when your reading speed is three to five times what it is now, all that paperwork won’t seem quite so intimidating any more.

There are several techniques of speed reading, but all of them require special instruction and drills before you can master them. However, I’ll be describing them in some detail right here, so that you’ll have some idea of what you’ll be getting when you take a speed reading course, and what such a course will entail.

The Importance of Practice:
First of all, I have to point out that most speed reading techniques will not work without at least a month of practice. Don’t expect a technique to work the moment you know of it intellectually – to know a thing intellectually is one thing, and to put it into practice is something else entirely. However, the techniques do work, as thousands of speed readers will testify to, so all speed reading requires to make it a success it the requisite amount of practice on your part.

Some Techniques of Speed Reading:
Some of the main techniques you will learn when you sign up for a speed reading course or buy some speed reading software is enhancing the focus of your gaze, so that you take in a great deal more words at a time. Just think about it – if you read three words in the time it now takes you to read one, won’t your reading speed be three times faster? Of course it will, and experienced speed readers can read a great deal more than three words at a time – they can often take in a line, or even several lines at once. Expert speed readers, those who are especially gifted, can take in a page of certain kinds of text at a glance.

Then there’s how your eyes move down the page – if you move diagonally, allowing your mind to pick out the important areas of text subconsciously, you’ll find that your reading speed can be enhanced by five times or even more. These are two main techniques used in speed reading, but there are many more.

Some Practical Advice:

Lastly, some simple and practical advice. When faced with that large pile of paperwork in the office, check to see whether all of it really needs to be read at all. You don’t really have to read all the minutes for the various meetings, or every newsletter sent your way. If you master speed reading, you can skim over these using the fastest speed reading methods to make sure you don’t miss anything important, but you don’t really have to read them in detail. Focus on the necessary, and eliminate the unnecessary.

A combination of speed reading and simple common sense will allow you more leisure, and a far easier work schedule.