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Building vocabulary skills can be fun for kids when you use an interactive multi-media program.


English Tutor for ESL

Learning the English language can be a difficult task, especially if it isn’t your first language. At Vocabulary is Fun, we have a wide range of resources, games, and other activities for all your ESL needs. Learning English doesn’t have to be boring. With the resources at Vocabulary.co.il, you’ll be able to successfully

learn while having fun! Whether you’re a kid, teenager, or adult, you’ll have a great time using our tools to discover the English language. Use Vocabulary is Fun as your one stop English tutor, and you’ll be mastering ESL vocabulary in no time.

Fun and Free ESL Games

At Vocabulary is Fun we offer a variety of games to help you learn the English language. Our free online games are a great way to quickly learn without stress. The Word Search game is perfect for ESL. Word Search provides hundreds of categories to choose from so that you can become familiar with words in a specific topic. In Word Search, you’ll look for words hidden in a grid of letters. Once you conquer the easy level, you’ll be able to move up in difficulty.

The Match Game is great for ESL! During the Match Game you’ll connect words with pictures to identify and connect ideas visually. The Match Game also lets you hear the word so that you can pronounce it correctly!

The Slang Game as an English Tutor

Undoubtedly, one of the hardest parts of the English language is learning the wide range of slang and phrases that Americans use on a daily basis. American idioms are often difficult because their true meaning is hidden and only known by native speakers. That’s why our Slang game acts as a great English tutor. In the Slang game, players are provided with an American idiom and asked to identify the literal translation through multiple choice type questions. Hints are given throughout the game to give an idea of the true meaning.

More ESL Activities Through Time4Learning.com

At Vocabulary.co.il, we want you to be as fluent in the English language as you are at your native language. That’s why we offer a variety of other websites to operate as an English tutor, and help you improve your language skills. Time4Learning.com has a variety of tools to help you learn English. Through the use of technology, Time4Learning.com provides online home education mixed with fun learning games.