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Mastering ESL Vocabulary

If English is your second language, Vocabulary Learning Fun is the perfect website. is home to ESL word games, ESL activities, and ESL resources designed to boost your English vocabulary and make ESL learning fun. While our ESL games are popular with kids and teenagers, parents and adults who are ESL students themselves enjoy and learn English with our vocabulary games as well.

ESL Students like Vocabulary Learning Fun’s ESL Idioms Game

We believe our new game, Slang, will be one of your favorite online ESL activities. “Slang” teaches American idioms, or those unique phrases and sayings that don’t make sense to you! Idioms are very hard for ESL students to understand because a literal translation does not reveal their true meaning. Instead, the meaning of an idiom is “figurative,” or symbolic, and known only through longtime common use among native speakers. As a result, American idioms are especially challenging for ESL learners. Slang introduces you to a wide range of American idioms through interactive ESL quizzes. You’ll get excellent ESL practice as you play, and if you miss a question, Slang will explain the answer. Slang is a great ESL game you’ll want to play again and again!

Free ESL Games and ESL Worksheets

We have over a dozen other free ESL games and many ESL resources that will help you learn English vocabulary and become more fluent. You’ll be able to learn at your own pace and, when you’re ready, advance to more difficult levels. You can also print ESL worksheets from our games for when you don’t have access to a computer. Start with our Match Game, which uses both pictures and words to help you learn basic English. Our interactive Word Search game challenges you to find hidden words organized by topic, making it a practical and effective ESL exercise. For example, you can search for words related to animals, government, weather, and hundreds of other subjects. The Crosswords puzzle game is another fun ESL activity to do online or use to create printable worksheets. Our Vocabulary Quiz tests your English vocabulary by asking you to fill in the missing word in a sentence. This type of multiple-choice question is commonly used in ESL vocabulary materials and tests.

ESL Vocabulary Skills are Fun to Improve!

As an ESL student or parent, you have lots of company. English as a Second Language learners (ESLs) are the fastest growing group of students in the United States and around the world. Try our free ESL vocabulary games now and start improving your English today. Play with your friends and see who gets the most points!