Twelfth Grade Vocabulary Games

Twelfth Grade Vocabulary Reinforcement Games

As twelfth graders prepare to enter either college or the workforce, twelfth grade teachers have the task of ensuring that the material students have learned over the years continued…

Analogies Games

High School Analogy Match High School Analogy Types

Context and Definition Games

100 High School Word Search 1984 Context Game
1984 Vocabulary Match Game High School Crossword Puzzle
Romeo and Juliet Context Game SAT Math Vocabulary A-M
SAT Vocabulary Which Word Have A Suggestion? Contact Us!

Antonym Games

1984 Vocabulary: Antonyms College Prep Word Antonyms
Pick the Antonym – College Prep Waiting For The Fun To Start!

Synonym Games

9th-12th Homophone Synonyms High School Synonym Match
Pick the Synonym – College Prep SAT Word Synonyms

Spelling Games

Divide The Suffix Suffix Match Game
Suffix/Meaning Match Waiting For The Fun To Start!

Prefix Word Games

Divide the Prefix HS Prefix Meaning Match

Root Word Games

Divide the Roots Root Word Meaning Match

Homophone Word Games

College Prep Homophone Definitions High School Homophone Game
Homophone Synonym Match Homophones: addition, edition
Homophones: aid, aide Homophones: bazaar, bizarre
Homophones: braise, brays Homophones: cereal, serial
Homophones: complement, compliment Homophones: discreet, discrete
Homophones: medal, meddle Homophones: naval, navel
Homophones: satire, satyr Homphones: accent, assent

Spelling Games

1984 Vocabulary Unscramble Game Romeo and Juliet Spelling Game
Unscramble and Spell SAT Math Enjoy The Games!

Parts of Speech Games

Fill It In: 1984 Parts of Speech SAT Words – Pick the Part of Speech
Story Blanks: Create A Story Have A Suggestion? Contact Us!

Foreign Language Games

Abbreviation Match Game Common Foreign Phrase Meaning
English Word Recognition Game Fill It In: English Spanish Vocabulary
French and English Word Match German and English Word Match
Latin Abbreviation Game Latin-English Matching Game
Latin-English Word Match Literal Latin Memory Game
Math Match – Spanish and English Spanish English Word Match
Spanish Word English Definition Spanish/English Color Match

Word Play

8 Letters in Search of a Word Clueless Crossword Puzzle
Hang Mouse Word Game Hig Pig Word Game
Higgy Piggy Word Game Match and Make: Oxymorons
Primary Alphabetizing Game Unscramble the Words
Word Search Game Waiting For Some Friends To Play Fun Online Games With!

Idioms Games

Animal Slang Game Feelings Slang Game
Food Slang Game Idioms Game – Slang Game
Money Slang Game More Idioms Game

has not only been fully assimilated but has also instilled in the students a lifelong love of learning. Twelfth grade students enjoy reinforcing vocabulary lessons with entertaining learning games that give them the opportunity to practice vocabulary concepts in a fun way, which in turn ensures that students acquire new Language Arts skills all the while setting the stage for a lifetime of learning appreciation. This is learning 12th graders want to do!

Because twelfth grade writing standards are so closely linked to vocabulary acquisition, it is important that twelfth graders practice their vocabulary by playing college prep math vocabulary games or college prep science vocabulary games. The twelfth grade Language Arts curriculum is chock full of material that students can master thanks to online vocabulary building games. Students can practice playing SAT vocabulary games, FCAT vocabulary games and other college prep vocabulary word lists, reinforcing the already established concepts of syllables, compound words, contractions, parts of speech, spelling and word meaning as well as continuing a pattern of vocabulary building by working with level-appropriate antonyms, synonyms and homonyms, root words, suffixes, prefixes, homophones and word meaning. Finally, you can use or create printable worksheets to help your twelfth grade student excel.