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Ultimate Vocabulary Software

If you are looking for the ultimate in vocabulary software, then you have come to right place because it just so happens there is a software program for your computer called exactly that – Ultimate Vocabulary.

Created by top educational programmers eReflect, Ultimate Vocabulary software has all the tools you need for improving, and building the stock of words in your vocabulary.

Having a diverse, and wide ranging set of words in your locker is very important, not only if you are looking to get a better job, but for use in your daily social life, and even for young people at school. It can be boring using the same words all the time when writing emails, essays, or in your general speech, and no doubt you will have noticed other people you talk to using interesting, colorful words that get them noticed. That is why there are so many words in the English language – to better describe all the subtle nuances that life generates. Ultimately words are powerful, in many ways – just look at anyone who has been successful in whatever they do. They achieved success because their words had an edge.

You too can have that edge by using Ultimate Vocabulary software. As Marc Slater, director of eReflect says, “Improving your vocabulary is the most important investment you can make in yourself. Unfortunately, the average adult only learns about 25 new words per year. With Ultimate Vocabulary, you’ll easily learn between 4 and 14 new words per day. That’s a 200-fold boost that will pay instant dividends to your career, life, and school success!”

The eReflect software to build a better vocabulary includes Word Discover, a unique system that helps you understand words more fully, and gives you 50 usage examples, word history, visual word explorer, encyclopedia information, and images for every word it has in its database.

Research shows that the more information you have on a word, the better you will use and understand it, and the longer you will remember it. Scientists call this "the level of elaboration." Studies show that this can improve your memory of words by a staggering 670%. With Ultimate Vocabulary Software you get the Word Discover component which enables you to learn exactly how to use words to your advantage, meaning you will never again need to worry about misusing a word. You’ll have complete confidence that every time you speak, you’ll be communicating with power and persuasion, whether at work, college, or in your social circle.

Ultimate Vocabulary also has an amazing list of 10,000 “ultimate words” for everyday use compiled after extensive research by the eReflect experts.

So, if you are bored of the mundane, and mediocre words in your personal dictionary, take a look at Ultimate Vocabulary software, and discover a whole new world of exciting words. After all, as English expert W. B Elley said in 1988, "A rich vocabulary is a valuable asset and an important attribute of success in any walk of life…."