Those Wonderful Word Searches

Almost everyone in America above the age of 10 has probably at some point in their life attempted to solve a word search puzzle.They are one of the most popular word puzzles around, and can be found in books, newspapers, magazines, and school work texts.The first one of these type puzzles (sometimes called Wordseek, or Wordfind) to be published in America was in 1968 by a man named Norman Gibat.His Wordfind creations soon became a local sensation, and began to be copied by other puzzle creators and syndicated in newspapers around the country.

Teachers, especially, took interest in this word game because they saw promise in this type of puzzle for students.By having to search individually for letters in a grid, students were using several important word attack skills – – letter recognition, letter sequencing, and word differentiation.Word search puzzles also provided the opportunity for students to review vocabulary words by theme.By focusing on several words within a subject area, such as a Word Search puzzle about types of mammals, students could make connections and associations between these words.

With the advent of the internet age, the Word Search puzzle was modernized and upgraded for play on the computer.The web is bursting with thousands of versions of this popular game.Vocabulary is proud to present its own WordSearch puzzle, just one of the wonderfully fun learning games on the site.This version includes hundreds of categories of vocabulary topics to choose from for game play, and also allows you to select your skill level, and timed play option. Teachers will find that whether their class is studying chemistry, farming, or palindromes, there is a WordSearch category to fit their theme.

Whether you are a student, teacher, or just a game-lover, whether you are new to the English language, or an English professor, Build Vocabulary’s word games have something fun and educational to offer you.Take a few minutes and try them out for yourself!

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  1. Word Search history is interesting. Great article. It’s funny to think that these word games in general and word search in particular has been played only since 1968.

    Norman Gibat – the wordsearch creator. Wow.!

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