Social Studies Vocabulary

Social Studies is a subject that students seem to study from kindergarten to graduation. Which makes sense, because when you boil it down, social studies is simply the study of human interactions from the past to the present. It is difficult to study any subject without somehow involving human interactions, so social studies is naturally a core element of a well-rounded education.

 The focus of social studies is vast and far-reaching. It can include facets of history, economics, politics, religion, geography, and sociology. In the earliest grades, social studies education often focuses on good citizenship, critical thinking, community involvement, and environmental responsibility. Throughout the upper elementary years, social studies classes usually cover state and national history, Eastern and Western culture, ancient and medieval history, and geography. In high school, students are allowed more latitude to choose which topic of social studies they wish to know more about, but they are frequently required to take at least one course in World or US History, one in US Government, and one in Economics.

 Because social studies is so interwoven not only into our academics, but also into our daily lives, understanding the vocabulary is of utmost importance. Beyond helping students to achieve good grades in school, knowing the terminology of social studies helps prepare us to be better citizens. Understanding our history helps us prepare ourselves for the future. has created five wonderful learning games to help build vocabulary skills. The games allow players to choose from among hundreds of varying topics, including many that help build proficiency in social studies. The topics cover many social studies terms including country names, legal terms, the military, bodies of water, US Presidents, languages, geography and many more.

Teachers can use the games to provide a fun way for students to learn and practice the important social studies words they are covering in the curriculum. No matter what grade, or what social studies topic being studied, probably has a game that will make the learning more enjoyable. Check out our topics listing, and come try your hand at building your social studies vocabulary!

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