Words Worth $40,000

With the average four-year private college tuition averaging close to $20,000 a year, parents are looking into every way possible to finance their child’s higher education, including grants, loans, and scholarships.  But what if you could get $40,000 in tuition just for knowing your vocabulary?!  That is what the winner of this year’s National Vocabulary Championship, held this Monday, March 10 in Los Angeles, will receive, plus the title of “National Vocabulary Champion.”

The NVC started last year as the first ever national vocabulary contest for high schoolers.  According to their website mission statement, “The NVC is an initiative that aims to inspire students to expand their vocabularies and narrow the achievement gap.”  The site also offers study tools for those hoping to enter, guidelines for the competition, and resources for finding out more about building your vocabulary.

Students all over the United States, including homeschoolers, could become eligible for the contest by taking school-wide and/or nationwide vocabulary exams.  As long as a student is in 9-12 grade, or is between 13-19, they are eligible to try out. After the tryouts were over, 42 finalists were chosen to fly out to Los Angeles to compete in the second annual NVC finals.  

Even if a $40,000 scholarship seems out of reach, studying vocabulary can be a beneficial pasttime for those who desire to seek a college education.  Almost every college entrance exam has a vocabulary section in it, and doing well in most any university course requires having at least some command of English vocabulary.  The better a person can communicate themselves through spoken and written language, the better they will succeed in college.

Vocabulary.co.il offers five fun games to provide entertaining practice for building your vocabulary.  With different levels of difficulty, the games can be customized for any grade or level of learning.  And there are hundreds of word topics to choose from, so you will never get bored of playing the same games over and over again.  Why not try them out today?  What have you got to lose…other than $40,000?

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