Building Vocabulary For Life – Part Six

So we’ve come through our series on building vocabulary for life, and seen how we can acquire a strong vocabulary through each of the stages of our life. But what about after we have completed our schooling? Is that the end of our relationship with words? Of course not. Even the finest education in the world will not familiarize us with every word in the English language.

Through adulthood, we continue to build our word power in many ways. The most obvious is by continuing to read widely. Reading for work, reading for pleasure, reading for information, or reading for personal growth – – it doesn’t make a difference, just so long as we are READING.

Many adults find that their vocabulary training is not sufficient for the career they have chosen and they decide to invest in classes or vocabulary software that help them build specific word skills that will help them in their line of work. Programs such as Ultimate Vocabulary are designed to improve your communication, increase your comfort with public speaking, and boost your career goals.

For adults who are too busy for formal instruction, but still want to enrich their vocabulary, there are wonderful online sites, such as, that make it easy and fun to grow your word skills in just minutes a day. There are hundreds of diverse topics to choose from, and the games are designed to be both educational and enjoyable.

If you have discovered a creative way to increase your vocabulary, we’d love to hear about it. How about heading over to our blog, and leaving a comment? We’d love to find out how this newsletter, and our vocabulary website are making a difference in your life. You may already have discovered how fun wordplay can be with our creative games, but you may not have discovered all the incredible topics that are available to choose from. In next week’s newsletter, we will uncover some of the hidden treasures of

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  1. For kids, vocabulary is best learned through reading or through an integrated language arts program, like Time4Learning.

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