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Hello to our visitors from around the world! We hope you have enjoyed our vocabulary games, both old and new. We will continue trying to bring our visitors fun new educational vocabulary games and we’re asking for your help.
Are you fluent in English as well as one of the following languages?

Greek, French, German, Italian, Turkish, Polish, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukranian, Arabic, Portuguese

Would you be willing to translate a piece of writing (approximately 500 words) for us?

Click here to contact us and let us know if you’d like to help us reach out to our international visitors in their own languages. Just let us know what languages you can read and write fluently in addition to English.

We will appreciate any help and so will our non-English speaking visitors.

Thanks from!

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  1. love to help says:

    i would love to help but sadly, I only speak English. But I do speak it well and I love the language. Which is one of the reasons that I enjoy this great website site and its word games!

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