Summer Fun With Vocabulary

It’s summer time, school is out, and time for a brain vacation, right?  Not necessarily.  Studies have shown that those students who attend year round schools, with shorter breaks between quarters and semesters find it easier to retain information than those kids who have long summer breaks of 2 1/2  to 3 months.  So if your child is on a traditional summer vacation schedule, you may want to help them find some fun ways to keep their brain active during the long break.

Summer is a great time to emphasize vocabulary building.  The best way to do this, of course, is by encouraging your child to continue reading.  Most public libraries have a summer reading program that children and teens can sign up for and even win prizes for reading books over the summer months.  Libraries also have many audio books available, which are terrific for vacations.  They can be played in personal CD players.  You can even download MP3 versions of many terrific children’s book for use on an Ipod or mp3 player. A smart tip for these books is to have your child pick out one slightly above his or her reading level.  This will ensure that they will be exposed to and challenged by new vocabulary as they listen to the book.

For rainy days, or quiet days at home, has some wonderful games for making vocabulary building fun and interactive.  Summer is a terrific time to explore some of the offbeat and quirky categories available in the games.  Be sure and check out some of these for a fun afternoon of word play:

  • Personality Traits
  • Disney Characters
  • Harry Potter
  • Fright Night
  • Personalities
  • Star Trek
  • At The Movies
  • Radiotelephony spelling alphabet

The slower summer season is also the perfect season for conversation.  Spend quality time this summer with your son and daughter talking and sharing your thoughts, opinions, and ideas.  Times by the pool, on picnics, and on car trips can be the perfect place for communication. Engaging conversation can be one of  the biggest vocabulary builders of all! 

We at wish you a happy, safe, and language-filled summer!  Enjoy!

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