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The English language is the second most widely used language in the world, and the native tongue of over 350 million people.  Even more astounding is how many people have English as their second language – – with some estimates placing it between 500 million and one billion.  English language expert David Crystal, who has written several books about the influence of English around the world, states that non-native English speakers now outnumber native speakers 3 to 1.  So many people having a working knowledge of English, in fact, that it has come to be considered as the international, or "global language."

In several professional fields, including science, business, aviation, communication, entertainment, and diplomacy, English is the dominant language.  For this reason, it is the second language most often taught in schools around the world.  But non-native speakers can have a variety of reasons for wanting to study English.  Besides learning it for business reasons, some acquire a knowledge of English before traveling, when studying abroad, or to forge online friendships. 

Whatever the reason for learning English as a second language, non-native speakers have access to an incredible array of resources for building English vocabulary on the Internet.   Programs such as Ultimate Vocabulary software are specifically designed to help those who are learning English for the TOEFL and other exams.  There are also language-specific resources for guiding learners through the best ways of making the transition between their native tongue and English dialects.

But acquiring English vocabulary doesn’t have to be dry and programmed.  Games, such as the ones on Vocabulary.co.il, are designed to make learning English fun and effective at the same time.  There are eight vocabulary games on the site, including WordSearch, Unscramble, Match Game, Letter Blocks…and more are being added soon.  Vocabulary games are an active, rather than passive way to build language skills, and do not require long stretches of study time, but can be played anytime you have a few spare minutes.  So whether you are trying to expand your English skills for business, educational, or personal reasons, Vocabulary.co.il can help you reach your goals.

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