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A big welcome to those of you who have recently joined the mailing list!  For the sake of you “newbies”, as well as all of you who have not yet learned to make the most of the site, we thought we would go through an overview of the terrific games that are available on our website to help you build your English vocabulary.

HangMouse:  This is a “Hang-man” style game where the object is to guess the word by choosing random letters.  If the correct letters are picked, they will light up in their proper places, and the mouse will be a little closer to stealing the cheese.  But look out!  By making incorrect choices, you come closer and closer to waking up the sleeping cat at watch. Hangmouse requires several educational skills such as sequential reasoning, phonetic order, and word attack.

Crosswords – Our version of the ever popular crossword puzzle lets you choose your category or topic and your skill level to solve a wide variety of vocabulary clues.  There are even hints for when you find yourself truly stuck.  And for classroom use, there is a print option. Crossword solving involves several useful skills including vocabulary, reasoning, spelling, and word attack skills

Match Game – This is an introductory reading level game that allows new readers to match pictures and words.  Similar to games such as “Concentration”, Match Game builds both reading and visual memory skills.  The words can also be clicked to be heard aloud.

Word Search – The word search puzzle, which has been popular in newspapers and books for decades has now been updated for the computer.  Our online version includes hundreds of categories of vocabulary topics to choose from, and allows you to choose your skill level and a timed play option. Teachers will enjoy that almost every area of curriculum study is covered in our category options, and the games can be printed out for classroom use, as well.

Vocabulary Quiz – There is just something about taking a quiz on the computer that makes it more bearable – – dare I say, even fun! has a wonderful vocabulary quiz game to test your vocabulary knowledge.  With two skill levels, two timer settings, and 16 fun topics to choose from, students and non-students alike will find themselves having fun practicing their vocabulary with our quiz.

Unscramble – Deciphering scrambled words has been a favorite vocabulary puzzle of many.  These word jumbles appear in children’s books, newspapers, magazines, and activity pads.  The object of the game is to take letters that are randomly scrambled and put them back into their correct order to create a word. turns this into a vocabulary challenge by providing specific vocabulary categories to choose from when deciphering words.  Games such as Unscramble can help build spelling, phonics, and vocabulary skills.

Letter Blocks – One of our newest games, Letter Blocks, is a Tetris-style game for word lovers.  By discovering letters next to one another that can be formed into words, the player can knock out rows of blocks, making room for new letter blocks to appear at the top of the playing board.  The object of the game is to keep the playing board from filling up by consistently knocking out the adjacent letter blocks.  This game requires skills in vocabulary, visual spatial reasoning, and quick thinking.

Clueless Crossword – This new challenging crossword puzzle game is tricky because there are no clues!  By clicking on one of the missing letter squares on the game board, you will see all other places where that letter occurs on the board.  Then you are able to guess the letter, based on where the missing letter occurs in each of the words.  You can use the hint button to help you along, but it will cost you some seconds on the clock.  This game builds skills in deduction, spelling, and visual spatial reasoning.

Games such as these can be more than just fun.  They can be helpful in building vocabulary skills, practicing English as a Second Language, participating in word retrieval therapy, reviewing spelling, or even in the classroom.  How do you use the games on the website?  Let us know in the comments section of our blog.  We would love to find out how those of you who are new to the site are using it.  And stay tuned for even more new games and additions to the website in the near future!

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