Its the Vocabulary, Stupid!

Yes, the economy has been at the top of our news, radio, and web broadcasts 27527907_e27138fa77_s[1]for quite a while now.  Economic terms are being thrown around left and right, and at lightning speed.  Is any of it going over your head, or your students’ heads?

This economic crisis might not be quite so scary if we understood exactly what all the fuss is about.  Knowing more about the terms and definitions involved in the economic discussion, might make it a lot easier to make sense of what is going on in the world markets.  

Fortunately, has a fun and easy way to do this.  We have several vocabulary game categories that focus on different aspects of the economy.

Any of the following game topics would be terrific for building your economic vocabulary:

  • Currencies
  • Banking
  • Business and Money
  • Stock Market
  • Marketing and Sales

If you are a classroom teacher looking for fun activities to extend your social studies lesson plans, a homeschooler building a unit study on economics, or just an average person hoping to better understand just what is going on in our volatile economy, the games at can help make your learning fun.  Head on over to our game page and start building your economic vocabulary!

(to see our full list of game categories, click here)

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