Self-Study for ESL Vocabulary

If you are an ESL teacher, or a student in an ESL classroom, you may be searching for lessons and games that you or your students can use outside of class time. is a perfect way to practice and perfect English vocabulary – – and it can be used in or out of a school setting.  Some of the reasons why the site is so helpful for ESL students are:

  1. Accessibility  The games on are accessible from any computer with an internet connection.  That means that students can get on the site from home, from the library, at a friend’s house, or from a computer lab.  There are no login codes to remember, and no subscription fees to pay.  Just login and learn!
  2. Ease of Use  There are no instruction manuals for the games on the site, because they aren’t needed.  Each of the games is self-explanatory and easy to play.  Just pick a game, pick a category, and have fun.  No assembly required!
  3. No Lesson Planning Needed  Because the games on are designed for individual practice, teachers don’t need to prepare in advance for students to get the most out of the site.  If teachers are covering a specific category of words, they can simply direct students to play games using that category list as in class work or homework. (see Topics page for full list)
  4. Great for Independent Self-Study  Students who use the vocabulary games on will feel proud of their ability to practice English skills on their own.  Each of the games on the site is designed to be not only educational, but fun, so students will come back again and again to grow their word skills.  Students need not wait for a teacher to assign them specific vocabulary activities on the site; they can play the games anytime and anywhere they want. instills confidence in students studying English as a Second Language because it provides an accessible, easy, and fun way to practice vocabulary skills anywhere they are. 

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