What’s New?

It’s October, and that means lots of changes.  The leaves are turning, the weather is getting cooler, and summer wardrobes are giving way to the neutral colors and extra layers of fall.

We’re not sure if you’ve noticed, but we’ve made some changes around Vocabulary.co.il as well.  We’ve given our home page a bit of a makeover, to make it stand out a little more.  We’ve also added TWO NEW GAMES!!

  • Letter Blocks – a word building game that you play by finding letters adjacent to each other that form words
  • Clueless Crosswords – this type of crossword puzzle depends less on hints and more on letter sequence to help you figure out the missing words

And stay tuned for even more new games coming very soon!

Another update we made to Vocabulary.co.il is adjusting the screen proportion sizes.  Now those of you who are still using 800X600 pixel screen resolution can see the full screen so you don’t miss anything as you play the games.

Lastly, have you noticed all the flags down the right hand side of the home page?  Those represent all the different languages that we have pages for.  Many of our site users do not speak English as their native language, and we hope that these pages will make Vocabulary.co.il easier for them to access.

We’d love to hear what you are enjoying most about our site.  How about leaving a comment, and letting us know what you think of our latest changes, or what you think could still be improved to make Vocabulary.co.il the best vocabulary game site on the web?   

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