Grade Level Vocabulary

Children who have a grade-appropriate vocabulary can succeed not only in the classroom, but also on statewide standardized tests.  Students who lack these vocabulary milestones in the early grades find it more and more difficult to catch up as they progress through their school years.  This is especially important for English language learners, as they try to navigate their way through a non-native vocabulary.

If you are parent, and are trying to help your child with grade level appropriate vocabulary, you may not be sure where to look.    If you tried to compile the lists yourself, you would need to plow through stacks of grade-level history, geography, literature, science and math books in order to compile an accurate list.  Or even if you find some lists of words that are common for their grade, you might be unsure how to help them use the lists to study. has done the difficult work for you, and created word games that allow students to practice with specifically designed grade-level vocabulary.  In any of these four games – – Unscramble, Word Search, Crossword Puzzle and Hang Mouse – – topical lists by alphabetical order and grade level are available.  The following grade listings are available to choose from:

Grade 0 Preschool A-H

Grade 0 Preschool I-P

Grade 0 Preschool Q-Z

Grade 00 Kindergarten A-H

Grade 00 Kindergarten I-P

Grade 00 Kindergarten Q-Z

Grade 1 A-H

Grade 1 I-P

Grade 1 Q-Z

Grade 2 A-H

Grade 2 I-P

Grade 2 Q-Z

Grade 3 A-F

Grade 3 G-P

Grade 3 Q-Z


Grade 4 A-F

Grade 4 G-P

Grade 4 Q-Z

Grade 5 A-F

Grade 5 G-P

Grade 5 Q-Z

Grade 6 A-F

Grade 6 G-P

Grade 6 Q-Z

Grade 7 A-F

Grade 7 G-P

Grade 7 Q-Z

Grade 8 A-F

Grade 8 G-P

Grade 8 Q-Z

Students simply begin the game of their choosing, pick the Grade Level list, and start playing.  These games provide the needed practice for mastering high fluency words for their grade that are likely to appear in their daily reading and yearly testing.  When students are having fun with words, they are likely to spend more time focusing on vocabulary.  And provides the perfect mix of fun and education that will keep students on track.

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