Something to Sing About!

science songs

If you haven’t visited in a while, you might have missed one of our coolest new additions: our science song videos!  With two videos already completed, and more on the way, these are one of our most entertaining new teaching tools.

Our two current video songs, the Sun Song and the Hurricane Song, are short catchy tunes in a music video format, and completely closed captioned so you can sing right along – – even the first time you watch.  But that isn’t all!

If you click on the video links, you will be taken to the full video page, which includes a vocabulary list, a spelling test, a game list, and more!  Multiple games and activities allow you to teach important science concepts from many angles. 

Kids will love the songs and the interactive nature of the games and materials.  Parents and teachers will love that their kids are learning and having fun.  These cool new resources are a win-win teaching tool! 

So head on over to and check out the Science Songs today!

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