Who Do You Know That Would Make A Good Blogger?

There are people in my life that I’m secretly convinced would make a smashing success out of blogging.  Like a friend of mine who lives off the grid.  She and her husband have a self-sufficient farm, complete with various farm animals. They have one daughter who is two years old and they all share a four room cabin.  No electricity.  But they do run a generator every other night to wash dishes and take showers. 

Now granted, it would be a little difficult to blog without a computer or electricity, but I would sign up for her feed in an instant, if for no other reason than to find out how they handle the obvious odors that are bound to occur with a two year old who only bathes every couple of days.

Another elderly gentleman in my church is a true renaissance man.  He paints. He gardens.  He writes poetry.  He sings the most wonderful deep baritone.  He has never even set his rear end in front of a computer, but he has so much wisdom to share.  Geez, he could send his updates by carrier pigeon, and I would be happy to read them!

bwc_chicletAnd there are millions more people out there with incredible stories  and no way to share them.  I’m bringing this up now because I’m getting ready to help lead a session of a blog writing course dreamed up by the same educational technology leaders who have brought you the incredible vocabulary games at Vocabulary.co.il. 

If you are a wannabe blogger, please come over and take a look at what we have to offer.  For those interested, there is a free automated Precourse on Blogging so that people can get a feel for what’s involved.   Anyone can login and take it at anytime. It’s a demo and good preparation for the real course.

The real course takes 8 weeks during which each student launches his or her own own blog. They launch with guidance from the teacher and with a peer group of other new bloggers that provide them with their initial readers and much useful and positive feedback. It’s called Blogging 101.

If you are already a blogger, why not take a look at the course and see if it is something you might want to recommend to your readers?  While everything we teach could be learned through experience and diligent reading of the web (while sorting out today’s realities from the obsolete and the just plain wrong), the course succeeds at compacting the learning curve dramatically and avoiding learning much of it the "hard way".  Also, the course provides enormous value by providing an initial group of readers to comment, to provide feedback, and to build community. This dramatically accelerates the development of an audience around new blogs.

We want to have as many people as possible sign up for our next session, starting February 16th, so spread the word.

Everybody has a story to tell…

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