How Many Ways Can You Describe A Possum?

Yesterday, my boys and I attended a homeschool program about nature journaling.  Nature journaling, we came to find out, involves taking paper, pencils/crayons/markers, and possibly a camera, binoculars, magnifying glass, and even a field guide outside to get up close and personal with the natural world.

Doing this means paying attention to the details you normally might walk past and using all your senses to experience nature, and then express your feelings about it.  That can include taking pictures and pasting them in your journal, making sketches of what you see, or describing what something looks like, smells like, feels like, sounds like, or even tastes like, using descriptive language.

015 One of the first things we encountered on our nature walk yesterday was a possum that belonged to the State Park we were at.  So my son and I began to discuss the different ways you could describe a possum:  furry, small, and nocturnal were some of the obvious ones, but then after watching our little friend for a few more minutes, we dug a little deeper and came up with some even better ones: lumbersome, skittish, drowsy, and my personal favorite “prehensile.”

Adjectives play such an important part in both our spoken and written language.  They engage our senses and help us make an emotional attachment to what we are hearing or reading.

If you would like to practice building your descriptive language, head over to, and play a game using any of the following topics:

  • colors
  • loud
  • cold
  • soft
  • white
  • round
  • small
  • wooden
  • physical description
  • emotions
  • sounds

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