Teacher Resource: Grade Level Vocabulary Games



Most of the games at Vocabulary.co.il are broken up into categories, so that parents, teachers, and students have an easy way to pick and choose what words they would like to focus on.

An especially helpful category for teachers (and homeschoolers) is the Grade Level lists.  The following grade level categories are included in the games Unscramble, Word Search, Crossword Puzzles, and Hang Mouse:

Grade 0 Preschool A-H Grade 4 A-F
Grade 0 Preschool I-P Grade 4 G-P
Grade 0 Preschool Q-Z Grade 4 Q-Z
Grade 00 Kindergarten A-H Grade 5 A-F
Grade 00 Kindergarten I-P Grade 5 G-P
Grade 00 Kindergarten Q-Z Grade 5 Q-Z
Grade 1 A-H Grade 6 A-F
Grade 1 I-P Grade 6 G-P
Grade 1 Q-Z Grade 6 Q-Z
Grade 2 A-H Grade 7 A-F
Grade 2 I-P Grade 7 G-P
Grade 2 Q-Z Grade 7 Q-Z
Grade 3 A-4 Grade 8 A-F
Grade 3 G-P Grade 8 G-P
Grade 3 Q-Z Grade 8 Q-Z

Students simply begin the game of their choosing, pick the Grade Level list, and start playing.  These games provide the needed practice for mastering high fluency words for their grade that are likely to appear in their daily reading and yearly testing.  When students are having fun with words, they are likely to spend more time focusing on vocabulary.  And Vocabulary.co.il provides the perfect mix of fun and education that will keep students on track.

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