Unusual English: Homophones

Here is a little quiz for you:  which word could be described by the following two meanings??

1. A piece of open land used for recreational purposes

2. To maneuver a vehicle into a particular space


If you guessed “PARK”, you would be correct!

A word with two or more meanings is called a homograph.  Homographs are some of the most confusing parts of learning a new language.  If you are a native speaker of a language, you generally take homographs for granted.  You don’t think twice about the fact that a building where money is kept, and the side of a river are both called a “bank.”

But a person learning English as a second language can easily be befuddled by the many different ways we use ordinary words in our everyday conversation.

If you are an ESL teacher, or a student learning English vocabulary, and you would like a fun way to practice these tricky double meanings, then go to Vocabulary.co.il and choose “homographs” as your game category.


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