Halloween Makes Vocabulary Fun

halloween It is almost that time of the year…All Hallows Eve, otherwise affectionately knows as “Halloween.”  This is a boon time for teachers because it is so easy to create lessons and activities that kids can get excited about.  Who doesn’t love a little harmless “creepiness” added into the school day??

If you are looking for some fun ways to boost your students’ word power while enjoying this frightful season, you might want to have them check out Vocabulary.co.il and use the topic “Fright Night” as their game category.  This category includes some scary, but useful words to know such as:

  • medium
  • suspense
  • disguise
  • descended
  • medieval

and many, many, more.

Spelling City also has plenty of Halloween fun in store for students.  Head over to the site, and plug in the word “Halloween” into the list search, and you will get no fewer than 25 different spine-chilling spelling lists for different grade levels and spelling levels. 

Lastly, if your students enjoys wizards, potions, goblins and lairs, they will probably have a ton of fun at the Wizards and Pigs game at Learning Games for Kids, turning poetry into spooky educational fun!

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