Celebrating Geography Awareness Week

Map of the Earth

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The third week of November is Geography Awareness Week. This was a week established in 1987 by President Ronald Reagan to promote geographic education in public schools.  Geography, and particularly globalization, are important subjects of focus in an increasingly small world.

Teachers who are looking for good geography activities and games to supplement their curriculum this week need look no further than Vocabulary.co.il.  We have geography terminology galore with vocabulary categories to choose from like:

  • Geography
  • Countries
  • Bodies of Water
  • USA States
  • USA State Capitals
  • World Capitals

Your students will find themselves truly engaged with geography as they play games such as Word Search, Cross Words, Hang Mouse, or Quiz with their chosen geography categories. Some games are even printable so you can distribute them to your entire class!

If you are planning to integrate geography into your classroom activities this week, be sure to add in Vocabulary.co.il as one of your tools for teaching!

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