How Do You Use in Your Classroom?

Reading Skills in the Computer Lab

We at are curious.  We get some feedback on our vocabulary building games and articles, but it never quite allows us that “peek into the classroom” that we would like. 

If you are a classroom teacher, using in your daily classroom or homework schedule, we would love to hear from you.  Sound off in the comments, and let us hear about your creative ways for using the features of the site with your students.

  • Do you play classroom games?
  • Do you use the Topics Listing to create vocabulary “theme weeks”?
  • Do you print out specific game puzzles for your students?  If so…which ones?

Head over to the comments section of our blog to tell us how you are using the vocabulary software with your students. is proud to be one of your educational technology resources.  Stay tuned to the site for new games and new ideas for making vocabulary fun!

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