New Game Helps Build Vocabulary for Standardized Tests

Every standardized test that involves vocabulary has some form of “fill in the blank” style question.  In other words, here is a sentence with a word missing; you choose from the following word options to complete the sentence.

It’s a very basic way to check a student’s word comprehension using sentence context.  Showing that a student can choose an appropriate word to complete a sentence conveys that the student not only has an understanding of the word’s meaning, but can transfer that meaning in writing.

There are very few interesting ways to practice this skill outside of the testing scenario.  Worksheets may be effective, but leave much to be desired as far as student motivation.

One fun new game at may be an easy answer.  Match It is an interactive vocabulary game that uses both visual and kinesthetic input to re-create the “fill in the blank” sentence scenario.

With eight sentences on one side of the game screen, and eight possible word options on the other, players click between the two columns to match words and sentences.  When they have completed their choices, they click on the “Submit” button to see which words they have correctly matched, and are then allowed to try again on the words they may have missed the first time.

Players are also offered options for skill level (easy, medium, or difficult word choices), and whether they want the word choices to be alphabetical (more difficult), or random.  To make the game even more challenging, some words are plural and/or variations of other words, so the specific word must be chosen in order to be correct.  This reinforces not only vocabulary, but grammar and spelling mastery, as well.

An example game of Match It can be seen below:

Match It

Check out Match It, and many other terrific vocabulary-building games at

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