Using Songs To Learn English Vocabulary

Music and lyrics to Frère JacquesI have this weird thing with song lyrics.  I can hear music I haven’t heard in 20 years or more, and suddenly I will realize that I STILL remember the words!!  It’s kind of freaky, actually.  It’s like there is this little “compartment” up in my brain that stores song lyrics without my knowledge!

But the great news about that is that song lyrics are the perfect tool for building your English vocabulary!  While simple vocabulary flashcards or vocabulary books may help over a long period of time, there is probably no faster way to learn new words than to SING THEM. 

Even though French is certainly not my native language, and I have never had an official French lesson in my life, I can still sing every word of “Frere Jacques.”  And long before I had ever had formal Spanish grammar courses, I could easily sing the Spanish folksong “La Cucaracha.”  The melodies of these popular tunes made the lyrics stick in my head – – even to this day!

So if you are hoping to help build your students’ English vocabulary, songs are a terrific way to start.  The Science Songs at Learning Games for Kids are the perfect resource for covering a variety of new English words because they combine video and music with the words.  This auditory and visual combination is even more effective for retaining new vocabulary.

And for other fun ways to build vocabulary skills, check out the games at

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