Hang Mouse – – A Walkthrough

My cousins and I used to see each other only in the summers – – when we would all happily gather at my grandmothers house for a couple weeks and just enjoy being in each other’s company.  Mostly we hung from trees and built forts and created clubhouses, but on the inevitable rainy days, we would keep ourselves occupied in the back bedroom of Nanny’s house with a simple piece of paper, a couple of pencils, and a game of hangman.

Hangman, as with most games, now has “high-tech” alternatives, such as the fun game on Vocabulary.co.il called “Hang Mouse.”  Let’s look closer this week at Hang Mouse and just why this is still the perfect game for rainy day fun!

When you first click on the Hang Mouse game within the site, this is the screen that comes up:

hangmouse1Hang Mouse has a much more simple interface that some of the other games on the site, because all it requires of you is to simply scroll through the available topics, and choose one.  Then you click OK to play.

Once you have picked your category, your first puzzle will appear  – – along with a mouse, a cat, and plate of cheese.  The object of the game is to choose letters from the alphabet list that will complete the mystery word in your chosen topic. With each correct guess, the mouse safely retrieves a piece of cheese from the plate without disturbing the cat. 

hangmouse2Wrong guesses, however, slowly begin to waken the cat from his sound slumber, and put the mouse at higher and higher risk of getting caught.

hangmouse3The number of remaining guesses before getting caught will always be posted underneath the cat, as you can see in the picture above.

But correctly guessing the mystery word will result in a nice little congratulatory tune, a “You Win”, and a chance to click the “Back” button to play again.

hangmouse4Too many errors, on the other hand, will bring a premature end to our little mouse friend, will show you the solved puzzle, and will offer you a chance to try again for a better outcome next time.


If you would like to try Hang Mouse, or any of the other fun and educational vocabulary building games at the site, head over to Vocabulary.co.il

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