Word Search – A Walkthrough

This week, let’s look more closely at one of the most beloved word games of all time…Word Search.  Everyone probably has memories of sitting with a book of Word Search puzzles on either a long car ride, or at a grandparent’s house, or perhaps while waiting at the doctor’s office. 

Well, just as with most word games, the Word Search puzzle has gone “high-tech” and is now available to play online in many different formats.  The Word Search game at Vocabulary.co.il. has some of its own unique attributes, so I thought it might be fun to explore those in a little more detail for this post.

When you first click on the Word Search game within the site, this is the screen that comes up:

wordsearchcap1You will notice that you have a few options at the top before beginning game play.  You can choose a level – – either easy or hard, the length of your game – – either short, regular, or long, and whether or not to use the game timer. 

Then, below your game options are your category options for vocabulary.  If you are studying a particular theme in your classroom, if you are looking for grade-level vocabulary, or if you just have a particular subject you are interested in, you can choose that category to use for game play.  To see a complete list of game categories available, click here.

Once you have chosen your category, you will click on the play button to have the words shuffled and added to your game grid.

wordsearchcap2You can also use the menu at the bottom of your game grid screen to either go back to the previous page, solve the puzzle, print out the puzzle for solving offline, changing the font size of the puzzle, or turning the game audio on or off.

To play the game, you simply search the grid for words in the word list.  They may be listed either horizontally, vertically, forwards, backwards, or even diagonally!  Once you have located a word to solve, click on the first letter of the word with your cursor and drag the cursor over each of the other letters in the word to select it.  The word will then be highlighted as “found,” on both the grid and the word list.


Once you have completed the entire puzzle, or clicked the “solve” button to have it solved for you, you can click the “back” button to return to the main game screen to choose another puzzle.

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