Letter Blocks – – A Walkthrough

Anyone who has ever spent a rainy day playing Boggle™ with a friend, will appreciate the game “Letter Blocks”.  Here is a slightly more high-tech way to play right on your computer (no shaking necessary!)

When you first choose Letter Blocks from the games at Vocabulary.co.il, you will immediately be taken to the instruction page.  This is where you can begin the game or check on high scorers.

letterblocks1Once you click on START, though, get ready, because the letters are going to start dropping, and you are going to have to begin searching for words with three or more letters that are adjacent to one another.  You will double click on the last letter of each word to enter it.  (see instructions)

Finding words one after the other will help you advance to the next level, and continue the game.

letterblocks3However, if you can’t find words fast enough, the letter blocks will begin to fill the board and soon your game will be over.  You will, of course, have the chance to play again though!


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