Match Game – – A Walkthrough

One of the favorite vocabulary games of the youngest visitors to is Match Game.  Match Game is a simple flashcard-style game that can be played in learning mode or game mode. 

When you first click on the Match Game icon, it will take you to the mode choice screen:

matchgame1 If you choose “LEARN” mode, then you will be presented with a choice of topics, such as Animals, Human Body, Colors, Games, etc. Once you have chosen your topic, a screen of flashcards will load.  To learn the words on the cards, just click on each one to hear it spoken.  You can also adjust the volume using the icon at the bottom of the game screen.

matchgame2 If you want to try out the “PLAY” mode, just go back to the Mode Screen and click on PLAY.  Again, you will have your choice of categories.  but you will also get to choose whether to play in EASY, MEDIUM, or HARD level.  The easiest level only uses 12 cards while the hardest level challenges you with 24! 

Once you click “START”, then the game begins. Now, you have begun an interactive version of the popular Concentration-style card game, where you click to turn over the cards to make matches of like words and images. 

matchgame3Incorrect guesses are prompted by a buzzer sound, while correct guesses keep the vocabulary cards matched and face-up on the screen.  When the player has correctly matched all the cards in the round, the game is over and the number of clicks it took you to succeed will be revealed.  

Match Game is a wonderful game for practicing sight words in several different categories.  It is recommended for students in grades K-2 or for ESL students. 

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