Unscramble – – A Walkthrough

Clicking on the Unscramble game in Vocabulary.co.il takes you directly to the game options menu.  Here, you can choose from over 100 different game topics, 3 level difficulties, and 4 timer settings.  You can also choose whether to include audio on your game or not.


After you have made your game choices, you can click on the “start” button to begin your game.  The premise behind the game is a simple one – – the letters of your mystery word have been scrambled, and you must put them back into order. 


You are reminded which category you are playing with at the top of the screen.  In the example above, for instance, we are doing a medium level game about energy terms.  If we had chosen the “timer” setting, we would also see a countdown icon at the top right hand corner of the screen:

unscramble4To unscramble the letters given, you simply drag them to the correct boxes in the correct order, and then click “solve”. If you are correct, you will receive a congratulatory screen.


If you aren’t correct, or if you run out of time before you can correctly solve the puzzle, the game will tell you the correct word, and then you may click on the “back” button to play again.

To try Unscramble, or any of the other fun and educational vocabulary building games at the site, head over to Vocabulary.co.il!

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