Building Vocabulary with Antonym Games

One of the things even young children can usually do easily is come up with “opposites.”  If you ask them what is the opposite of “happy”, they can generally guess “sad.”  The opposite of “cold” is “hot.”  These comparisons are called antonyms. Antonyms are word pairs with opposite meanings.

Some words can have more than one antonym (“hot” and “warm” are both antonyms of “cold”) and some words have no antonym at all (there is no opposite of “brick,” for example).  It is easy to discover antonyms by using a thesaurus, which lists both synonyms and antonyms for common words. has created some wonderful games for practicing and using antonyms.  Elementary school students will enjoy the “Which One” game for helping decide whether a word pair is a synonym or an antonym.


Middle school students have an even larger challenge in Memory Match when they have to not only remember where the words are, but decide if the card being flipped is the opposite of the other card shown.


High schoolers have an additional incentive for mastering antonyms – – most college entrance exams and other standardized tests include them.  That’s why we have added two high school level antonym games to  Word Antonyms and Pick the Antonym are both designed as college preparatory games for high school students.

Studies show that learning words in RELATIONSHIP with other words increases our retention of the word meanings.  That is why the antonym games are included on the site.  Drop in and try them out today!

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