Spelling and Vocabulary Fun – – All in One!

It is difficult to talk about vocabulary without also talking about spelling.  Educators have shown that spelling not only improves reading and writing fluency but also vocabulary and comprehension. Words are the building blocks of the English language, and one cannot really communicate well without having skills in both vocabulary AND spelling.


When the study of vocabulary and spelling are linked, skills in both are naturally improved.  And a fun way to practice these skills is with grade-targeted spelling and vocabulary games.  At SpellingCity.com, students can enter their own spelling words lists and then choose “test me”, “teach me” or “play”. Many spelling resources are also available to spelling teachers who wish to prepare spelling quizzes.


Vocabulary.co.il also has a great list of spelling and vocabulary games by grade level.  For example, the primary grades learn to spell Dolch words (the 220 most common words in the English language, aka “sight words”), while kids in grades 3-5 are taught to spell science words. At the middle school level, it becomes particularly important for kids to spell FCAT math words correctly just as high school students must practice to spell SAT math terms.

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