Foreign Language and ESL Games

I have been blessed to know some amazing ESL teachers over the last several years.  Thanks to our ever-shrinking world, teaching English as a Second Language is crucial for the millions of students in American schools who need to operate bilingually every day. 

The English language is the second most widely used language in the world, and the native tongue of over 350 million people!  So many people having a working knowledge of English, in fact, that it has come to be considered as the international, or "global language."  It is no surprise, then, that non-native English speakers are always looking for new and better ways to practice their English vocabulary skills.

Games, such as the Foreign Language and ESL ones on, are designed to make learning English fun and effective at the same time. Vocabulary games are an active, rather than passive way to build language skills, and do not require long stretches of study time, but can be played anytime you have a few spare minutes.  Kids and adults alike love learning foreign words and phrases using fun matching games.

Whether you or your student’s native language is French, Spanish, or German, has a game to help. French students will definitely enjoy the French and English Word Match.

french english

Spanish-speakers will gain skills by trying out games such as Math Match, Fill in the Blank, and Word Match.

spanish english 

And those with German as their first language will benefit from playing the German English word match.  Each of the foreign language games and ALL the games on the site will be helpful to both ESL students and teachers looking to make vocabulary practice fun.

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