Learning Vocabulary with Rhyming Words

Who doesn’t like a riddle, right??  Riddles stretch our brain muscles and make us think in “outside-the-box” kind of ways.  One of many children’s favorite kinds of riddles are the ones that lead to rhyming pairs of words.  Often called “Hink Pink” (one syllable) or “Hinky Pinky” (two syllables), or “Hinkety Pinkety” (three syllables) these rhyming answers to riddles are a fun way to help kids look at language and make connections with words in a whole new way. 

hig pig

In solving riddles such as these, students mentally gather data, make inferences, draw conclusions, problem-solve, and BUILD VOCABULARY.  For teachers, they can be a great way to introduce a new topic or supplement a new unit.  Students are more likely to remember a fact they learned via a riddle than via a fact sheet alone.

For hundreds of years, people have gained new vocabulary through the use of song lyrics and poems.  Rhyming word riddles have much the same effect because it is simply easier to remember something that the brain interprets as a rhyme – – especially a funny or clever rhyme!

Vocabulary.co.il has it’s own online version of these rhyming word games.  The one-syllable game of rhyming riddles is called Hig Pig and the two-syllable version is Higgy Piggy.  Players are given ten clues, one after the other, and are asked to decode the riddle by providing the rhyming answers. 

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