Introducing: Vocabulary and Spelling City!!

We are excited to announce an exciting update to our sister-site:  Although it will be keeping the same URL, Spelling City has expanded to become Vocabulary and Spelling City!!

Vocabulary and SpellingCity not only features sentences for each of their  42,000+ words, they also now feature vocabulary content, including definitions, parts of speech, synonyms and antonyms! They have introduced four new Premium Activities using this content: Vocabulary Test and MatchIt Definitions, both of which feature definitions; Parts of Speech, which guides students to select the correct part of speech of a given word as used in a sentence; and Word-O-Rama, an exciting word game show that features fill-in-the-blank sentences, definitions, synonyms and antonyms! Learning vocabulary has never been so much fun!

For more info on what’s new at Vocabulary and Spelling City, check out this video:


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