Preparing for Standardized Tests the Fun Way

The second semester of each school year often brings together students nationwide in a common foreboding: the knowledge that standardized tests will soon be upon them.  For elementary and middle school students, this usually means some type of basic reading and math assessment, and possibly science and social studies assessments, as well.  For high school students, this can include a high school graduation exam or for those hoping to further their education, the SAT test. has some terrific games that will help students prepare for these tests the fun way!  Match It is a test-prep styled game that has you match vocabulary words with the sentence that best fits with the word.  This is the type of vocabulary challenge that almost every student confronts on standardized tests.  In most state and nationally normed tests, students are asked to match a list of vocabulary words with possible corresponding sentences.  Match It mirrors that format, and allows students to choose word lists based on difficulty level, and whether they want alphabetical or random choices.

For those preparing for their SAT exam, has come to the rescue with their selection of SAT games.  The verbal part of the SAT exam tests a student’s vocabulary and reading comprehension. About half of the questions in the verbal section will be specifically to test vocabulary skills, but even the reading comprehension section depends heavily on the reader’s ability to figure out unfamiliar words in context.  Our SAT Vocabulary games replicate the word and sentence matching format that is so common in standardized exams.  The difference in this game, however, is that the word choices focus on the words that most frequently occur in the SAT exam.

If you, your students, or your child are preparing for upcoming standardized tests, we hope that these standardized test-prep games, and the many other quality vocabulary games at will not only help you build your word power, but make the process and practice a lot more fun.

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