The Vocabulary of the Holidays


Okay, admit it.  The winter holidays have some of the most fun and interesting words in the English language. 

Yule.  Dreidel.  Mistletoe.  Kinara.  Advent.  Eggnog.

You can hardly say them without a smile coming to your face.  I don’t know if it is because they aren’t “worn out” like the words we use for twelve months of the year, or just because they are associated with traditions and merry-making.  Either way, words like “reindeer” and “poinsettia” trip right off the tongue!

I think one of the reasons that holiday songs are so popular is because they are chock FULL of these special words.  I’ve been singing “Troll the ancient yuletide carol” for thirty-plus years now and I have no idea what that means, but I STILL love saying it! 

Another way to have fun with holiday words is by playing word games.   Whether in the classroom or at home, children of all ages can have an afternoon of enjoyment with just a pencil and paper by playing “Holiday Hangman”.  (Don’t forget to use a snowman as your victim!) 

Or if you are sitting at the computer, you can pick one of our Classic Vocabulary Games and either of these topics for some winter entertainment:

  • winter
  • cooking in the kitchen
  • family
  • cold
  • party

What are YOUR favorite holiday words?  Let us know by clicking through and commenting on this post.

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