Snow Days

MC900447366 In our local area, schools are completely shut down today thanks to an unusually powerful and pervasive snowstorm that doesn’t often hit those of us living in the Southeastern States.  Knowing how slowly our local department of transportation is able to clear the roads after a storm like this one, I predict that schools will be closed most of the week.

I wonder how many teachers plan ahead for “snow days?”  I’ve read about teachers who hand out a snow packet at the beginning of the winter months, and ask their students to complete certain amounts of the packet for each day that school is cancelled for inclement weather.  I’m also aware of teachers that put additional “snow day” assignments up on their classroom web pages, or on an online classroom bulletin board.

One thing teachers could do to keep learning happening during these unavoidable absences is to email/hand out a list of appropriate educational websites to parents, and suggest that parents allow students a specific amount of time to build skills on them during a snow day.  Here are some sites I would suggest make it to the provided list:

Vocabulary Fun – build grade-level vocabulary with fun and interactive word games

Vocabulary and Spelling City – free vocabulary and spelling games that allow users to input their own lists or use one of the thousands of lists already added

Learning Games for Kids – educational games that build skills in math, language arts, science, social studies and more

There are many, many other sites, too – – including some your school may already subscribe to – – that could be added as suggestions for educational practice and learning fun when school is cancelled.  What are some that you might suggest?

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