Three Ways to NOT Backslide Academically this Summer

I’ve seen studies that indicate that the great differentiator for academic success is the summer! The kids who just veg out all summer will start the next school year at an academic level a month behind where they finished the previous year. Through enrichment and summer study, a student can start the next school year ahead of where they finished the previous spring. Which are you?

  1. Time4Learning is an online interactive curriculum covering pre-k through eighth grade. It includes both language arts and math, as well as science and social studies as a bonus. Algebra can be added at no extra charge. Some students use it as a review for topics that were challenging during the school year ; others use it to get a jump-start on the upcoming year.
  2. In eight weeks or less, your student will follow our tutorials and work with our experienced licensed online tutors to build their writing skills. There are courses are available from second to 12th grade which range from basic to advanced.
  3. Get a jump on next year’s word lists with fun games like HangMouse, Speedy Speller and Word-O-Rama. Find out what curriculum and word list your school uses for the next grade — someone has probably already posted it on Use the search on SpellingCity to find it and then import it into your account. A Premium Membership allows you and your student to get all the best games as well as track and see progress.

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