Best Games for Building English Vocabulary Skills

I’ve reviewed the usage data from users, the educational value of the games, and added a little personal preference and here, in time for back to school study, the Best Five English Vocabulary Learning Games. The countdown:
5) English Idioms game.. This game teaches and tests your understanding of current American English idiomatic expressions or slang. The expressions are current and appropriate in business and academic settings. To be “on pins and needles” or “ready to explode.” One means that you’ve over eaten, the other means full of anticipation. But which is which?
4) Homophone Games. A whole page of them – Homophones sound alike but differ in meaning. These are organized by elementary, middle, and high school level. Do you want to confuse naval with navel? Medal with meddle? Serial with cereal? Better to play now and avoid embarrassment later!
3) SAT-Level Game Show: Word-O-Rama! – This wild and wacky game show is one of dozens of games using SAT (high school) level words. We all need to sharpen our vocabulary, this is a fun way for students and adults.
2) Oxymorons – Oxymorons are contradiction of terms. These can be difficult to teach. When using games, the irony becomes apparent of oxymorons such as “crash landing” or “jumbo shrimp.”
1) Synonyms Homophones Matching Game – A surprising brain twister, this flash word matching games has pairs of homophones (ie too, two) which must be matched with the closest synonyms (ie additional, couple).
Lastly, while it’s not really a game, I thought I had to mention the Hurricane Song. I’ve just listened to it non-stop since Hurricane Ilene started to make headlines. Great for building vocabulary and science understanding.

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