New No Charge Writing Instruction Resources

Time4Writing, the leader in online writing classes, is providing to teachers and parents a fantastic array of online resources for teaching writing. To help teach writing, Time4Writing is providing free instructional videos, presentation materials, interactive exercises (games!), and printable worksheets. They are organized in seven areas: Writing Sentences, Writing Paragraphs, Writing Essays, Writing Mechanics, Standardized Test Writing, Writing Skills, and the Writing Process

Time4Writing provides 8-week online writing courses taught by certified teachers. These courses and resources are designed to help students in elementary, middle, and high school improve their writing skills.

Who takes Time4Writing Courses? Most schools do not provide enough writing practice or individualized feedback so that students can progress.  This need for practice with personalized feedback is the mission of Time4Writing. In addition to afterschool study, Time4Writing is very popular with homeschool students. While some homeschool parents love teaching writing, others find that teaching writing and giving feedback to the students is a friction point. Some parents are uncomfortable with their own writing expertise.

Certified teachers provide one-on-one instruction and assign weekly topics through an easy-to-use online system. Students simply log in and work through the interactive lessons and writing assignments at their own pace. Then, their personal writing teacher, acting as an online writing tutor, reviews each assignment and provides personalized feedback the day after it is submitted. Time4Writing personalize classes start daily. Enroll anytime.

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