What is a Hig Pig?

To demonstrate the Hig Page word game, I might ask:

“What is a word puzzle game in which the answer is two rhyming words, both with just one syllable?”

And the answer is: “Hig Pig!”

I fondly remember playing  ‘Hig Pig’ as a child. We played regularly during car rides and sometimes at the dinner table. I’m pleased to say that my kids now enjoy playing it.  For those of you who don’t know what a Hig Pig is, it’s a word game that asks you to solve a riddle. The answers are two rhyming one-syllable words.
There’s no order nor score keeping and it’s easy to play.

Simply announce your hig pig clues to the other players as quickly as you can make them up. When someone guesses an answer, they shout it out. For example: “What is a hig pig for an overweight feline? Answer: a fat cat.”

There are also higgy piggies where the answers are two words, each with two syllables. For example: “What do you call a crab-like creature involved in organized crime? A mobster lobster!” (My daughter made that one up!)
There is joy and satisfaction when someone dreams up a good one. Now that I’m involved in education, I understand how important these games were to building the language skills that I carry with me today.

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