Stoked for Science?

Is your student an observer, noticing every aspect of the natural world? Perhaps your student enjoys mucking about just to see how different objects react to a magnet or whether different liquids can be mixed together. If so, you’ve got a student who’s stoked for science, and if they’re in grades Kindergarten through 2, there’s a great online science resource you should check out.

online science curriculum

Science4Us is a complete, web-based K-2 science curriculum that teaches science using a fun, interactive approach. It has digital games and online activities, online and offline experiments, and hands-on projects. Parents and teachers have access to detailed lesson plans, automated student reports and session guides to help them prepare and plan.

Science4Us meets students at their level but also gives them a strong foundation that they will build on year after year. It does this by teaching vocabulary and skills that they will in school and beyond. Science4Us is available for individuals and schools. It’s a great way to encourage kids to get stoked for science.

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